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Oct 8

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Networking Breakfast & Registration

8:45 AM

Opening Keynote

John Ellis – Global Technologist and Head of the Developer Program at Ford Motor Company

9:15 AM

How to Protect Vehicles within the IoT?

Karl Heimer Senior Research Director of Battelle’s Cyber Innovation Unit Have you been asking yourself why security is such a hot and important topic related to “open” and “connected” vehicles within the IoT? This presentation begins with describing why the risk exists both from technical (why are cars vulnerable) and societal (why would a hacker want to target a car) perspectives. Can “open” be secured and will more reviewers make for better and more secure code? Are there ways the ecosystem can learn from past experiences and mitigate the risks within an open environment before tragedy strikes? Karl will walk the audience through these questions as well as discuss creating security products for connected vehicles extending both knowledge and awareness of critical cyber-security issues which will affect current and future vehicles.

9:45 AM

New Uses for Automotive Data within the IoT

Ian Beavis, EVP/Nielsen Automotive

Discussion of potential business models for connected cars, specifically the use of return path data from cars to develop new syndicated measures for both the automotive industry and media. Discussion with center on turning data from the car into insight for OEMs, Tier Ones, carriers and others in the automotive space, along with aggregated audience measurement for media. Additionally, we will share what OEM’s, Tier Ones and alliance organizations are doing to address the feature requests and concerns of both drivers and passengers. Propriety “world premiere” information from Nielsen 2015 studies along with video will be shown.

Our purpose is to present two different approaches to the use of “big data” for automotive. Nielsen has been studying the field for some time now and we’ve developed ideas that we believe will benefit the industry as it strives to develop business models for connected vehicles and simultaneously better understand consumer desire

10:15 AM

Networking Break

10:30 AM

Is the Connected Car a Safer Car?

(Panel made up of the supply chain)

Autonomous driving cars stories dominate the headlines, with advances in sensor technology promising an accident free transportation world in the future. Small steps along the way will include use of connectivity over V2V technologies. Will the wireless world really make a difference at 70 MPH? The DoT is pushing development of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications. Where is the overlap? The LED display, voice and connect is made through the instrument cluster and the information needs to be available through the IVI for less distraction. OEM’ such as BMW, Volvo, Ford, GM and Mercedes are moving forward in researching V2V and a report should be available around April timeframe.

11:30 AM

Open Source IVI – The Voice of a United Community!

(Panel representation GENIVI, AGL and Linux Foundation)

A thought leader panel discussion between the Linux Foundation, GENIVI and AGL discussing their progress working in partnership to limit the fragmentation of open source Linux within automotive. The time/opportunity to truly develop an open, collaborative and mutually beneficial working relationship to deliver a single, comprehensive a powerful message to the ecosystem to avoid further fragmentation and confusion in the marketplace is coming together. The importance of aligning common goals, work requirements and mutual investment and support to achieve the highest levels of contribution will be explored. The alignment of joint and collaborative activities may be challenging in the short run, but the message is simple, “promote true openness in automotive” ((i.e. open collaboration, open/shared specifications, open interoperability, open participation and open thought leadership)?

12:30 PM

Networking Lunch

2:00 PM

Economic opportunity within Automotive IoT, How is it really going?

(Panel representation from the ecosystem and service enablers and providers)

With the adoption of IoT within the connected vehicle, can necessary components and services like embedded software, cloud services, data analysis, logistics, security, asset tracking, sensors, silicon, etc. become monetized? Who stands to gain the most in the ecosystem?

2:45 PM

Networking Break

3:00 PM

Automotive IoT – Game Changer or Game Over?

(Analysts panel members to be announced shortly)

In the automotive world of IoT, everything is about sharing, collaboration, time to market and interoperability standards. A discussion on the collaboration efforts required to create standardization, interoperability and synching of mobile devices brought into the vehicle. Is collaboration among rivals going to become a necessity for all this to work properly and create a welcoming experience for the consumer? What are going to be the headaches and heartaches to make it happen and be sustainable?

  • What are the benefits for the OEMs?
  • What are the benefits for the consumer / end customer?
  • Who does the data belong to? The driver, all passengers in the car, the vehicle owner? How does this apply to rental vehicles?
  • What about privacy? For instance, can a rental car company track GPS data to see if the vehicle was used according to the rental agreement?
  • What does the industry need to do to get it right? What are the "game over" conditions? What are the paths to success?
  • In addition to "how long to keep it, how to anonymize it": how to share it, how to market it, how to sell it

4:30 PM

The OEM Supply Chain – Collaborate or Die!

(OEM panel members to be announced shortly)

Automotive is expected to play a major role related to the connected vehicle and Internet of Things (IoT). Some might debate that the car is going to become a “Systems of Things” while other may argue it will be the “Internet of Cars”. Collaboration between numerous stakeholders, including OEMs, suppliers, developers, service providers and large data hosting providers is viewed as critical to the success and future of connected vehicle. This session will focus on the partnerships, alliances and other collaborative efforts that are facilitating major advancements and adoption of automotive within the IoT

5:30 PM

Demonstration Showcase & Networking Reception